Friday, May 19, 2006

Great homecoming!

Okay..I had another long crazy week in Tucson that I just got back from...and I came home to a clean house!!!!!

My admin assistant offered to come watch Joey and Zella whenever I needed to go away on longer trips. So since they can only go about 4 days before the litter box gets cleaned I asked her if she wouldn't mind doing it for me this week. She was thrilled. She emailed me on Tuesday to let me know she'd been to the house...and the cats actually came out to see her right away (they must have known she's a cat lover). She wrote me a cute little note about the cats and then told me she wanted to surprise me so she'd started doing my dishes - and that she had to run but that she'd be back to finish them up. I of course wrote her back and thanked her profusely and told her it was totally not necessary for her to do my dishes. So today I get home and notice right away my downstairs looks way more organized then I left it - not only did she do the dishes....she straightened up my WHOLE house...and cleaned my kitchen! At first I thought it was just downstairs, but then when I carried the suitcase upstairs I saw she cleaned up there too!!!! I must say...I've never just come home to a house that was cleaner than I left it before...but I REALLY like it! I may have to look into a cleaning service every couple of weeks once I'm comfortable with my new budget! And tomorrow when I'm at my spa getting pampered I'm getting a nice fat gift certificate for my admin so that she can take care of herself like she takes care of me!

That said, back to my long crazy week in Tucson. I had to leave my house at 4:15am Sunday morning to get to the airport for my flight. Got to Tucson a little after noon and the girls and I headed out for sushi and shopping (I hadn't had sushi in forever and there was a cool looking place at the new mall Mandy found us with a Coach store (the only one in Tucson!). Sunday night we putzed around so we could avoid the lame reception that normally kicks off the week. We got to the hotel at almost 8pm and Michelle and I decided to go for a walk before bed.

We attended classes all day, but those of you that have heard my Tucson stories know that its the EVENINGS that are the most fun. Monday night I took all my guys out to dinner. We found this whole of a Mexican place that was of course amazing. We did get a bit lost on the way back, and having a penis, the driver would not listen to my advice on how I thought we should get back or stop for it took us about 4 times longer to get back to the hotel than it did to get to the restuarant...but I was pretty happy (ie lots of corona) so it was all good. 2 of the guys and I then headed over to one of the local bars, Frog and Firkin. If I haven't mentioned this before the hotel we always stay at is right at U of A so there's lots of college bars around (ie stumble home drunk easily). Because of the time change I wasn't up TOO late Monday...but I was pleasantly drunk from about 5pm til bed.

Tuesday night was more of a party night....some of my old guys from central CA were in town (including the famous one who I had a litle drunken fling with a while back)...they were trying to get Mandy and I to go to dinner with them at Gentle Ben's (another bar next to the hotel) ...but I'd spotted a Jimmy John's on the walk Sunday night....and Jimmy John's is both Mandy and my favorite sub we told them we were headed to Jimmy Johns and we'd see them later. We enjoyed our subs and wandered around campus a bit. It was nice because I hadn't seen Mandy since like October and I know she's gonna be crazy busy when I'm in town for the wedding next month so it was good to spend some alone time together. We headed back to the hotel so she could get on email and then we were gonna go meet the CA guys at the bar (they became her guys when my territory was realigned out in CA). Anyway, on our way to meet them we ran into some other folks in the hotel bar...and got sidetracked. After a while my PA guys got back from dinner and a handful of us decided to go over to Gentle Ben's. Did NOT see the CA guys (and I later learned they'd left at 9pm....must have been going up in the elevator when we were coming down). To give you and idea how "happy" I was Tuesday night....I believe there were 4 coronas, dinner, another corona, then at Gentle Ben's I seem to recall a couple of cherry vodka and sprites, a shot of tequila, and 3 or 4 lemon drops. After a while some guys from NY showed up. They're manager was one of the guys I was with in Baltimore last year when we were exploring the seedier part of downtown....yes I mean the strip clubs. He was wanting to know why I wasn't dancing on the tables - I told him he'd seen me in far worse situations than that - but no table dancing for me that night.

Somehow I wasn't totally sick on Wednesday...but I was exhausted....we had dinner out at our training center (along with open bar) but I decided to drink WATER for the evening....thank god! We got back to the hotel around 7:30 and I decided it would be tv and early bed for me. Of courese part of that logic is I'd already promised one of my PA guys we were going ALL OUT on Thursday night.

Now Thursday I finished up class at lunch...allowing me plenty of time to go back to the hotel early and work out and get some work done. I was at the bar by a little after I had about 4 coronos waiting for folks to get back. Then they got back and my guy from PA wanted to do jager we did that followed by more corona (one of which I chugged because I was getting teased I was sipping it). We went out for a quick bite (more coronas). It was still early when we finished eating so we went back to the hotel to pick up more folks before heading over to Gentle Bens. Then it was time for flaming dr peppers and a switch from corona to amaretto and sprite. Well...a few of them. We ended up with a small group headed to Gentle Ben's. Two of my PA guys and two of my old CA guys...including including the famous one who I had a litle drunken fling with a while back. A few drinks later my fling and I decided to plan a co-vert meet up to um....get to know one another again.... Needless to say...didn't get a lot of sleep that night. ;)

Friday was my travel true fashion my flight leaving Tucson was delayed...but I'm smart enough to plan long layovers these days so I still made my next flight. Oh yeah...and realized flying over it that I live within about 10 minutes of the famous three mile island. And while the reactor that melted down is still there its not operational....they others are. And its not like I'm afraid of nuclear power.....I'm smarter than that I know its a good alternate source of god...I took an internship in college to WORK in nuclear plants.....but something about being so close to something that has already had an incident is pretty scary.

Anyway....that's my week. Time for me to get ready to head to the day spa for a little pampering!


Julienne said...

Crazy week! I want a petsitter like yours.. :)

el walto said...

Wow! What a post! ¡La madre de todo blogs!

Shelley said...

Thank good for google language tools el walto....or else I would not have known what you said!!!!