Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hurray for Curves

So I got measured at Curves this weekend since I've been there a month now. I lost 2 inches! Actually, I probably lost more since when I got measured the first time I had on my Spanx Bod-a-bing pants on (ladies...they are SO worth the money). My measurements for the hips and stomach were the SAME as when I got measured the first time and I did NOT have my Spanx on! My bust, arm, and thigh measurements are where I lost a little. Yeah me! Especially on the thighs going down!

By the way, on the topic of Spanx - the creator has a new brand called "assets" that you can buy at Target. They are not quite as nice (not as silky as Spanx and run easier) but they are cheaper than regular Spanx. Considering how many wears I get out of my Spanx I'll probably keep buying them versus the Assets..but thought I'd pass it along anyway.


Julienne said...

Congratulations!! :)

el walto said...

Hooray for any product called Spanx! I too am visiting the gym as much as I can motivate myself to... no visible results yet I would say, but I feel much better :D

Beverly said...

Good job!