Sunday, February 26, 2006

Being a new mommy means little sleep!

So...I turned out the lights last night around 11:30pm. At that point neither Joey nor Zella had made an appearance out from underneath the bed. Joey did get close enough to the edge for a while that I was able to pet him and he loved every minute of it.

So lights go out...and all the sudden Mr. Joey is purring up a storm. Then the purrs start moving and I realize he's ventured out from underneath the bed. Then he turns to full on meowing. And we proceed this way until about 5am. Now about 2am after Joey jumped up onto the bed on his own Miss Zella decided it was worth a try for her to do the same. And all the sudden I'm laying on the bed in the dark with TWO cat's climbing all over me in an effort to get up on either nightstand. Joey proceeded to knock ALL 6 pillows off his nightstand (and then run for cover as this terrified him) and Zella jumped off hers straight into the litterbox where she proceeded to kick up kitty litter everywhere! Zella headed back under the bed at that point - althought she did make one more appearance where she jumped up in front of my face on the bed.....thought it was Joey but there was enough light from outside to see that Zella was getting a bit braver and had jumped up on her own. Joey proceeded to pull over another pile of pillows in an effort to get up to the window without any covering. Keep in mind....Joey's in constant meowing mode at this point. About 5am I decide to OPEN the bedroom door...I didn't really want them wandering the house by themselves for the first time - but figured at that point it was worth a try to get some sleep. The meowing stopped almost instantly, and I don't THINK either of them ventured outside. They instead let me sleep until nearly 10 to make up for keeping me up all night.

Joey is now coming out from under the bed when I call him out (provided I'm in the room with him) and he'll let me pick him up. I did take him about halfway down the stairs before he started to get scared and ran back up. He seemed particularly intrigued by the window at the top of the stairs so I may need to get a little perch for him for that window. He bolted back to the bedroom and although he keeps looking into the hallway with great fascination he won't venture past the threshold. While these antics were going on this morning Zella did venture out to make it to the litter box and back letting me get a couple of shots of her. They're only next to each other under the bed so no together shots just yet. AND Blogger isn't letting me post the pics right now so those will come later!

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Yoda said...

Oh crap. Having cats in the house, esp. at night is a nightmare! Remember, they are infact creatures of the dark!

I used to have cats before (all 6 of them) and if they got to spend the night inside, they'd attack my toes thinking they were some kinda animals :-)

Those are cute ones you got.