Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Two things to plug! those of you who know me know that when I really love something I talk lots about it....well I've recently discovered two great things and want to share!!!

The first is the "celebrations" collection from Ann Taylor. Its a whole line of dresses, suits, separates and accessories in the same colors that are all coordinatated to match. You can actually pick from their web site to see head to toe looks and customize a dress. I had read about this in a magazine a few months back but had yet to see one of the few stores that have it I went online. I liked it so much I actually ordered (way ahead of time I might add) my outfit for a friends wedding this summer. It arrived today and I LOVE how all of it looks together! I'll be the prettiest girl at the wedding...after the bride of course! Anyway, check it out at

The other amazing thing I've found is the Mr. Clean magic eraser. Now this has been out a while..but living in an apartment I never had any interest. But with all the delivery people, and the builder, in and out of my new house some of my walls were getting VERY scuffed up. So I picked up a magic eraser at super walmart this weekend...and let me just say...its a MIRACLE worker. I thought for sure I'd have to repaint all those walls to cover up the marks (which lets face it...I was probably going to do anyway to get rid of the cheap ass bulders paint)...but now I can wait longer to do it! ALL my marks are gone!!!! The box says it works on cleaning up all kinds of stuff....and my only complaint was it didn't last as long as I'd thought it would...of course...I did clean a LOT of wall space with maybe it did.

Anyway...that's all for now!


Julienne said...

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a gift from the heavens for apartment dwellers, I tell ya.. it has seriously saved me soo much money.

Which dress did you get? This one is sooo cute:

Beverly said...

yeah, dress pic please!