Thursday, September 15, 2005

So drunk last night!

So I'm out of town at a meeting all week this week. And yesterday we finished up early and I got invited to go out with the guys golfing...I wasn't going to go...but I didn't really want to work anymore so I did.

We loaded up the golf cart with beer...and off we went...10 of us in total. Now....back in the day I knew I might need to golf with customers so I used to go with a group of girlfriends every Wednesday to play 9 holes. While I can't drive the ball too far, I usually go straight, and was really good at chipping and putting. However, in the 3.5 years I've lived on the West Coast I've been golfing exactly 3 times.....and haven't had any trips to the driving range. So...needlesss to say...I suck at golf these days. However, my scramble partner noticed that the more beer I drank...the better I got at golf.... So I drank some more. Then after I got the golf cart stuck on a concrete block...he decided no more beer (I dont know why he just didn't drive us himself???). Anyway, after golf we all went for dinner....where we probably had 5 pitchers of margarita's among the six of us....and of course I was already hammered before we even got to dinner. Then we were back to the hotel for MORE beer before bed.

So, I'm tired, hungover, and fly home tonight not to arrive in my own apartment until 11pm. Why do I do these things??


Julienne said...

Ouch! I play pool so much better when intoxicated as well.

I didn't know you played golf! We should play sometime.. I can drive but can't putt/chip worth a damn. :)

Shelley said...

we should be partners then, and find two more and do a 2 person scramble.....I drive straight..but not far...but I'm better at the chipping and putting. I played more in Illinois....I barely played since I moved I'm not that good at all right now!