Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Not a bad week considering...

So...I'm definitely doing better after my tramatic Saturday than I was in the few weeks leading up to it. The vet techs and my vet spent a lot of time with us. I got to sit there and hold Chloe for the last 45 minutes. One of the vet techs was crying just as much as Mandy and I were. The other was trying to tell us funny stories to make us laugh. When the doctor came in the thanked Mandy right away for coming to be with me, since he knew I was waiting for her to be with me for it. He thanked her again afterwards. Although it still sucks...and its very strange to be home and not have Chloe here with me....I feel better than I did the last few weeks...when I knew what was coming. I felt very guilty...which I shouldn't...because she was in a lot of pain...but still its a weird experience.

Sunday I went with Mandy, Ann and Amanda into the city for Now and Zen. Billy Idol cancelled which was a major bummer since I was most looking forward to him (even more than Maroon 5). But the other acts were good. We left about halfway through Maroon 5 so we could make it back onto Muni before the park emptied out and it would take us forever to get home. Then after we got back my dad called to check on me. I guess my brother and sister told him about Chloe. It's been about 4 months since I talked to him...not that we talk more often than that anyway. But it was nice that he called to see how I was doing. Turns out he's going to be in Las Vegas the same time that I'm there next month. Then...my best surprise of the day. Dear sweet Amanda surprised me with some beautiful flowers to help cheer me up.

Yesterday I went teambuilding with some co-workers to Napa. We had a great lunch at V. Sattui (spent some time in the reserve room with a very drunk host), a nice stop at Jarvis (the wine was much better than the last time I was there), and then finished up at Domaine Carneros. We were staying the night at the Napa River Inn (which turns out to be haunted and we did find a few folks who had some freaky experiences in our crowd). Today we had meetings in the morning and then headed home.

Now Mandy and I are just sitting here trying to get some work done so we can go out and have a little fun tonight before she flies out in the morning. And I need to do some laundry since I'm headed out of town Thursday for a week!


Julienne said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. It must be a relief to know she's in a better place now.. and to have her mom there the whole way, I'm sure that was a big comfort to her. :)


Shelley said...

Thanks Julienne. Its definitely weird to be at home and have her not here with me. But I do believe she's in a better place so that helps.