Friday, September 16, 2005

Conversation with my sister

I just got off the phone with my little sister - she's three years younger than me. And we're not exactly fact...we drive each other mad. And I've had very limited contact after she spent 10 days visiting me last year because it was WAY too much of her at one time.

Anyway...I was worried she was calling to bitch me out for not talking to my dad (I think he's mad at me right now - but she likes to yell at me when he's upset about something).

But turns out she was calling because the invitations to my cousins wedding in November showed up and she wanted to know if I was going to go (I'm not). But then she asked me if my dad had called me this week.....I told her I haven't talked to him in months (leads me to believe either he's not mad at me...just being normal and not talking to me) she tells me that my GRANDMOTHER is getting married and my dad is supposed to be calling and inviting me to that...and am I going to THAT wedding (I'm also not - 3000 miles away and thanksgiving thank you!).

So still on the topics of weddings she says to me "I know we aren't really close...but when you get married I'm going to stand up in your wedding right? Because I know a lot of people that are excluding their siblings lately and I think that's wrong." I really didn't know what to say....I told her that honestly I'm not planning on having a big traditional wedding (true). That I want to get married on a cruise ship, with very few people there - just family and closests of friends (true). And that I didn't know if I would have anyone stand up for me (not exactly true - probably would have my friend Michelle). But I guess its good to know that she feels this way...because if I have ANYONE and don't have her that would probably cause major family issues. Of means I also have to have my other little sister and my brother in the wedding maybe I will not have anyone and just have "honored guests" like my friend Mandy was going to do if they got married in Hawaii (they are not anymore).

Anyway, since we were having this big long chat I figured I should tell her about putting Chloe to sleep next week since once upon a time Chloe was her dog too...she was actually really great about that too. Asked me how I was doing with it, talked about why its the right thing to do (I guess my mom's been telling her about how Chloe's been not doing great lately), and said she'd call to check on me that day to see how I'm doing.

So I guess it was good...its probably the longest conversation we've had in over a year..and there was no yelling or arguing at all! Maybe she's finally growing up a little bit! I'm planning on spending like 2.5 weeks at home over we'll see if I can handle that much time with her by then!

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Julienne said...

Oh my gosh you're putting Chloe to sleep.. :( It must've been such a hard decision, but I think it's a brave thing to do. I know how much she means to you..