Tuesday, April 15, 2008


1. Why the heck has this dude not called with my official offer yet? I'm going nuts not knowing my effective date, when I should be moving, the craziness of selling my house. At last once I get the call we can get the ball rolling on stuff. Even my boss was surprised I'd not heard anything yet.

2. I HATE it when classmates argue with you on discussions without understanding the facts. This weeks discussion topic was ethical decisions and the internet. I posted about it being a violation of a knitwear designer's copyright for you to produce and sell items from their patterns without their permission. Everyone on in my class says what good are patterns for if you cannot sell items you make from them. They are COMPLETELY missing the fact, that the pattern is a copyrighted work. And copyright law prohibits someone from producing the copyrighted item, or a derivitaive of it (ie the knitted item) without the copyright holders permission. Though in the case of knitwears, designers accept and expect you to make items for your own personal use, or to gift them to others, but not to profit from their work. Would they copy a book or DVD and sell it? No. So why do they keep arguing with me that they should be allowed to sell the knitted item. And ONE idiot...said "well if I sold your item and lost money on it can I then sue you". I'm like SERIOUSLY? It was against copyright law for you to sell it in the first place!

3. It looks gorgeous outside today. But damn its kinda chilly!

4. I twisted my freaking ankle again Sunday. SAME one. Its feeling better already, but seriously....it just finally stopped hurting from the last time like a month ago!

5. Airfare prices are RIDICULOUS and I need to decide if I'm flying/driving home in July. Plus....if the aformentioned dude in #1 would call, then I'd know if I could combine my July trip to Chicago with househunting. And then I'd be less worried about prices!

6. Stupid wax ring on my bathroom toilet failed. Leak is between vinyl and subfloor and stained final. Which means, guess who needs to put in a new floor before putting the house on the market? I was thinking ceramic, but DAMN its expensive. May opt for the more economical vinyl tiles and do the install myself. But still a pain in the ASS!

7. Places around here want $53 a month for a 5'x10' storage space! I need to get stuff out of the house to make it presentable for selling. But this seems excessive? I know its been like 8 years since I had a storage space, but we only paid like $30 then. This seems like an awful steep increase no?

8. Zella's food does not seem to be working to regulate her digestion anymore. Joey's still good. But Zella, not so much. And she's not even using the litterbox most of the time. I swear she's leaving more mess than the dog who won't potty train still! Need to call the vet....

Guess thats all for now. I'm sure there's more, but I feel a little better after venting....

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