Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moving on again.....

So I got a call from my boss today. He said I received unanimous approval from our admin team for my next position. The move will take me back to Illinois after a long 6 years away. I'm supposed to receive the call with the "offical" job offer, my new supervisor, and details on moving in the next week or so. I start training at the end of August. I'm hoping because of my two weeks vacation scheduled the last half of September into October that they'll have me move the first part of August. Otherwise I may try and delay the move until October after I get back from vacation. I'd hate to spend a week in Illinois in training, come back and move, and then desert all the animals for 2 weeks. They'd all have nervous breakdowns!

More details to come as they work themselves out!

Good lord....I have to get the house ready to sell now....yikes!

To my PA friends: I'll miss you all! I wish I could say the same about central guys all know how I feel about that! Just remember all the places you'll get to visit me someday!

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kristin noel said...

Shelley... That's so cool! Congratulations on the promotion and move! Where in IL will you be? Anywhere near Chicago or Wisconsin border?