Sunday, February 17, 2008

Very productive lately!

So Friday morning..yes...7am to be exact...I cleaned out my garage finally. And now my honda has its new home! Was soooo nice to have it in there this weekend. Shame on me for being too lazy to do this sooner! That poor car spent its first two months out in the cold on the driveway! Only problem now, I have to make SURE I'm watching behind me and don't back into the impala again! After my second time doing that, I started backing the honda up the driveway so I'd SEE the impala in front of me and not hit it. But I can't back it into the garage because of what side of the car the door inside would be'm being careful...and the next time the cars collide the impala is definitely getting parked on the street!I've also been getting LOTS of knitting done lately! I loaded up onDream In Color Classy yarn in a bunch of colors. And I'm well into the Tulip Baby Cardigan. And SOOOOO loving it! I can't believe how much I got done. I figured I'm going to make some girls and boys colorways for babies who are on their way since I don't know which one it will be yet! Plus..its knitting up so fast, and uses only a fraction of a skein that I figured I'd make a bunch in different sizes and colorways and Mom and Donna can sell them at this falls craft fairs.

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