Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Business Travel is a Privledge

My ASS!!!

Not only did it take me 48 hours to get home from Peoria last week...but get what happened to me TODAY (taken from an email I sent to a few friends from the airport tonight. Good news is...I'm blogging on my macbook from my desk...so at least there was a happy ending! I'm thinking need to start a book on all my crazy travel problems and what I do when I'm stranded in airports. Too bad I didn't come up with that idea like 5 years ago though....Book would be done!

Yeah so....was supposed to land in charlotte at 8:48am for a 10-3 meeting. Diverted to SC and finally got to charlotte at 11:15, putting me at the office at noon. Meeting was OVER. Lunch was over (I was offered leftovers from the day before). B, who called the meeting, tells me to try and catch the 4pm flight rather than wait til my 6pm. I call my admin to try and change my flight. She emails me that u have to try for standby. She also wrote ( which I didnt see until 4:30) that I was unchecked from the 6pm and would has to check in again. I get dropped off at the airport at 2pm. Get on standby list for the 4pm-they tell me there may be a $25 fee if I get on. And I wait at the gate and don't get on. So at that point i have 2 hours to kill and start wandering. Not til I sit down to eat do I see the line from my admin about needing to checkin again. Go to the service center in a panic, and they tell me I'm not on the 6pm flight but the 4pm which was overbooked so I was on standby. They say they can book me on the 6pm for $25. I say that's fine if I am confirmed with a seat but that I never should have been pulled off in the first place if the 4pm was overbooked and I was only on standby. She says she has no choice, so I did my thing (note: original text removed cuz only the email receipents would have gotten in...but basically I was a bitch til I got my way) and finally they figure out how to rebook me without the $25 and with a confirmed seat. Now I'm waiting hoping no more issues!

Needless to say, this is the last time I fly to charlotte for a half day meeting! UGH! May be my last flight period for a while!!!!

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Akasha said...

Ugh! I am so glad I don't have to travel much anymore. What a nightmare!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!