Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My 2008 Apple Wish List

Well..the keynote at MacWorld was today...and I've got lots of goodies on my wishlist....

First is of course the freakishly tiny Macbook Air. Of course I don't NEED a new laptop...and I love my Macbook. But its sooooo cool! Although this one is on my list...unless I win the lottery...it will stay on the list!

As to things I may actually BUY this year....
I wasn't that into the first AppleTV since I was turned off by the idea you had to buy your movies/tv shows and download them first to the computer and THEN move them to the AppleTV. But that problem is no more! AND when you consider that you will also be able to RENT movies and tv shows now...Apple TV seems like a no brainer. Only question is which size? I've been tivoing movies and then watching them on the laptop on the road or putting them on my ipod or burning to dvd...but deleting them when I was done with them. Perhaps I should go with the bigger AppleTV and stop deleting my movie files?

And third...the Time Capsule. My airport extreme is great. But is the original and my macbook is capable of faster wireless transmission that my airport extreme doesn't support. But with Time Capsule I'd be able to take advantage of the faster wireless speeds. Oh..and the wireless backup harddrive is freaking awesome! I only have two USB ports and a firewire port on this baby....I wouldn't have to plug the external hard drive into my firewire port if I had Time Capsule.

Hm....what to spend my tax return and bonus on....

Oh...yeah...if I get apple tv that means I need a new tv too....finally will be time to upgrade to a flat panel HDTV. Timing is probably right since when I move again (in the next six months I hope!) I hope to have more room and would be nice to have a TV in the main hang out area and then another someplace else hooked up to the wii and for playing around...... Hm....what TV to buy???? Good thing I'm getting that nice fat tax return. Better enjoy it since I finally wised up and adjusted my tax witholding now that I'm a homeowner.

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