Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another canine addition to the family!

Last Sunday mom and I went down to see my little bro's new condo. He decided we should go look at puppies. So we headed over to the new PAWS facility..and look who he brought home!

That would be Wrigley (brought home to feline brother Altoid).

He's a 7 month old mutt. And SUCH a sweetie..most of the time. He's not very socialized with other animals so he barks at other dogs and his new brother. Though yesterday when my bro tried to introduce them for the second time Altoid gave Wrigley a run for his money by giving him a good swipe - and got a claw stuck in Wrigley's head. The folks at PAWS said it would be just a few swipes from the cat before the dog would back I guess we're on swipe one!

Mark says that Wrigley has been sleeping through the night in his crate without making a sound. And he's lasting all day in the crate with no accidents. And the very smart Wrigley already is shaking his paw and when he wants to go out he brings his leash to Mark. How cute right?

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