Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Update on the kiddies!

Zella finally came out to visit last night. I went upstairs and watched tv laying on the floor instead of on the bed. The first hour Joey and I were playing (he's finally into toys now) and she was only about a foot away under the bed (as opposed to back up against the wall and on top of the air pump for the bed). Joey headed downstairs to check things out and she popped out a few times to get a little food and some water. Then she came out and sat right in front of me so I started to pet her and she went CRAZY all rubbing up on my like I was catnip. She did that for like a half an hour. Then I got up into bed and they BOTH jumped up into bed to
lay nicely while we watched tv.

Then it was lights out and the both of them went crazy. The knocked a few things off shelves (one was 7 feet up..I don't even know how they got that one). Darted in and out of the bathroom numerous times chasing each other. Kicked up litter EVERYWHERE in their littler box corner (once they get used to me/the house I'm going to buy a box that is DEEPER so they kick and it stays in the box). Most of the food I put out last night was gone for the first time (hopefully they BOTH ate it and not just Joey who I saw eat a bunch of it). were ALL over the place this morning. So apparently they had a grand ole time last night. When I got out of the shower this morning they were both under the bed sleeping. Must have
been as tiring of a night for them as it was for me! I can't wait til they're comfortable with the house and venture OUTSIDE my room to play at night!

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