Wednesday, March 15, 2006

People who live in glass houses.....

So I was just thinking to myself, man, I'm way out here in PA without a clue what's going on in CA since people haven't been updating their blogs very much...and then I realized....damn...neither have I! goes.....

Spent this past weekend painting my bedroom "sun ray" a bright bold yellow (matches the yellow in my bedding). Joey and Zella weren't too happy about being locked out of the room...but the last thing I needed were little tiny paws getting in bright yellow paint and painting my white carpeting!!!!

Speaking of the kids...they're doing really well. Both have decided their new favorite place to hide is in the closet in the guest room. Somehow they've figured out how to get the doors open, go inside and close the doors behind them (they are bifold). They can't get back out once they are in...but neither seem to want to either. When I get home Joey will come down to meet me at the door...Zella is no where to be found..and sure enough she's in the closet! I guess its good she's not under the bed anymore! She's actually starting to come downstairs more too. She likes climbing on top of me while I'm watching it on the couch or in bed. And she's sleeping in bed with me most of the night. She's decided about 4-5am she likes to start standing on my chest and pushing her little cold nose up against mine. I'm sure it will get annoying soon, but right now I'm so excited she's warming up to me enough to do that so I don't care. Joey's favorite place to spend time with me is when I'm on the computer. He likes to hop up on the keyboard and in front of the monitor. I keep trying to snap a picture from the imac to show you how silly it looks but he always ducks down last minute and then all I have is a silly picture of ME!

The job seems to be going pretty well...I know better than to elaborate in detail...but most of the people I have to work with have been GREAT...making me a lot happier with my job than I was the last year in CA. I wish things were better there...but my replacement out there I think already is getting a sense of what I was going least with the folks that were especially bad. My co-workers are great...although I'm really bummed that the one guy I went through training with just got transfered to Canada. I was so excited to be moved to the same place with him...but he'd been here almost 3 years so it was time for him to go.

I'm almost finished with the first shrug I started to knit (not the one for Mandy's wedding). I've just got about another couple of inches or ribbing to go on that one. Then I can get started on the one for the wedding which I'm really excited about!

I did find a Color Me Mine in Harrisburg so I've been over there a few times. I LOVE it. And they have a frequent visitor card...for $25 you get a free sitting and I think 10% off any pottery you purchase that visit. I went in and made little bowls for Zella and Joey to match my kitchen (and a dog bowl for Heidi-my aunt and uncles dog-for when she comes to visit) and I saved a ton! I just feel nice and relaxed when I spend a few hours there...and its nice to have things you created!

I promise I will start taking pictures of the house to share soon.....a few things holding me back. 1) those of you who know me know that I'm NOT the neatest housekeeper. I'm still trying to put away some clutter before taking pictures! 2) I'm working on getting some of the decor hung so that it looks like it really WILL when its done. 3) I haven't wanted to get back up on the ladder and take down the rest of the blue tape from painting my bedroom! Anyway...I'm getting goal is to get rid of the rest of the clutter this week/weekend and then I'll take some pictures!


el walto said...

Thanks for the update :) Glad to here things are well at work and your pets are making themselves at home. And I agree, painting is hard!

Julienne said...

We miss you Shelley.. keep updating! :)