Saturday, March 25, 2006

Nice to be close to family.

So I'm blogging from my aunt and uncles computer in Virigina again. I was actually thinking of coming down here this weekend so I could use my special coach discount before it expireson Sunday night. I called my aunt to see what they were up to and she told me that my uncle had been in the hospital all week. There is a laundry list of how we got to where we are today...but we think its liver cyrocys (okay I know thats not spelled right but hopefully you get the idea because I'm not thinking of how it should be spelled). Anyway, last night they did a liver biopsy and they'll find out next week if that's what it is or not. So....after talking to my aunt I decided to drive down just to keep them company because she's been sitting at the hospital from 7am-11pm all week. I had a quick morning meeting yesterday and then I was headed down...but alas I came out of my meeting to find a flat tire! So....2 hours later with a new tire on the car I was on my way to Virigina.

Good news is my uncle is looking pretty well...they have all the things that brought him into the hospital under control for now and he might be coming home tonight. And they're both really glad I drove down. But honestly...when you are just 2 hours could I NOT drive down. I was a little upset my aunt didn't tell me sooner..but honestly..I couldn't have gotten down here any sooner than I did so its probably better she didn't because then I would have just felt bad that I couldn't be here.

So...that's it for now. We're back off to the hospital...hopefully to bring him home!

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