Saturday, December 17, 2005

Off to Chicago I go!

Well, thanks in part to Beverly (for picking mom up in the airport) and in part to Dad (for giving mom a ticket) mom arrived safe and sound in Oakland on Thursday night. My guest room was a wreck since I've been trying to get organized before the packers come - probably the week of Jan 16. So we had to clean that up so she had someplace to sleep. Yesterday consisted of lots of errands and chores to get me ready to go home today - although it did start with breakfast at Panera - always a good way to start my day. Oh! And a stop to Old Navy where a bunch of stuff was only $10! Then to the bank, post office, and Kinkos before returning home to do laundry and pack. Now we are just waiting for Amanda to pick us up to head to the airport.

I'll be blogging from Chicago so talk to you soon!

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