Friday, January 07, 2011

I guess I'll have to be happy with my next Disney trip....

Had to use that line with one of my business partners today. See, we sponsored and incentive contest in 2010 for them where they could earn a chance to go on a cruise in April. As part of getting us reps excited, there are a few chances for some of us to go as well. Looks like all my business partners qualified....but not looking good for me. One of them asked me today when I told him it looked like he would win, if I got to go as well. When I said no he said "that sucks" (this is a VP mind you, I love the people I get to work with). I told him "You know me, I roll with the punches. Guess I'll just have to be happy with my 9 day Walt Disney World and Disney Dream Cruise coming up". Sure I had to pay for that one. And I have to take vacation time for that one (I wouldn't have for the work cruise). But.....the Disney Dream will be filled with all my Disney friends, and the work cruise would be filled with LOTS of business partners (hence why we don't have to use vacation time if we get to go). So I think I'm still doing good!

Speaking of my trip, thought I'd share our plans for the upcoming trip!!!!!

Friday - Feb 25 - Mom and I fly into Orlando.
Will probably hit up downtown Disney for some shopping.
Dinner - No ADR, we are thinking Big River Grille and Brewing Works which mom wants to try
After - hopefully meeting up lots of our WDW Radio friends at Jellyrolls!

Saturday - Feb 26
Start off at Animal Kingdom
Lunch at Yak and Yeti
Head to Epcot when done with Animal Kingdom (maybe meet up with Meet of the Month if its in the afternoon)
6pm Dinner at Teppen Edo
8pm Dessert party with WDW Radio group!!!!!!

Sunday - Feb 27 thru Thursday March 3 - DISNEY DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday March 3 - We'll be disembarking as the earliest possible time and dropping our stuff at Boardwalk. Then...EPCOT for flower and garden (my first time!)
12:45 pm lunch at Biergarden
7:45 pm dinner at Via Napoli

Friday March 4 - Magic Kingdom!
Lunch probably at pecos bills (must do taco salad this time and not pulled port!)
8:15pm dinner at Grand Floridian Cafe

Saturday March 5 - Hollywood Studios Day
1pm lunch at Mama Melrose
Move to epcot when done at the studios
8pm Dinner at le Chefs de France (and if we don't see Remy I'm gonna be pissed!!!!!)

Sunday March 6 - Back home.

Those are the plans....who's plans overlap ours?????

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