Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For the first time, horribly dissapointed by Apple

This Mobile Me transition has been a nightmare...first no more access to webmail since you have to have Firefox or Safari (or IE7 for SOME basic features) and like most of corporate america I'm stuck on IE6 with NO way to upgrade or install anything else. THEN MobileMe mail goes down altogether.... 5 days now... no end in sight....after trying all day finally got through to chat support tonight...but there was no point..

Transcript below..but bottom line...if you write me at my mac.com address normally...update your address books...write me at the same screen name on aol.com instead.

essica H: Hello Shelley. Thank you for your patience while waiting. What MobileMe billing, mail, or syncing issue can I assist you with today?

Shelley : I've not received any mail on my mobile mail account since last Friday. I would like to know when this issue is going to be resolved since the web site as said "ASAP" since Friday. I don't consider 5 days ASAP and am expecting several important emails regarding a home purchase I'm in the middle of.

Jessica H: Okay. I completely understand. The maintenance that the server that your account is on was not expected to take this long.

Jessica H: Right now the technicians are working around the clock to resolve this issue.

Shelley : What alternative exists? Is there a way to have mail forwarded to an alternate account?

Shelley : I've never experienced an outage like this, particularly with a service I'm paying for.

Jessica H: Not at this time. All of the mail will be present once the server is back up and running.

Jessica H: I wish that I had more information to tell you but all we know is that it should be up and running soon.

Shelley : I'm seriously questioning the value at this point, and its the first time I've ever been dissapointed by apple, but its a critical situation

Shelley : But how is "soon" defined by Apple?

Jessica H: I completely understand where you are coming from. The server is still undergoing maintenance. It could be an moment, or hour that it will be fixed.

Jessica H: We just don't have an ETA as of yet. I do apologize.

Shelley : Is that what customers have been told since Friday? A moment or hour? Because clearly that has not been accurate

Shelley : Is there an address I can use to send a formal complaint? I just don't feel like customers are being treated very well through this transition. One free month of MobileMe doesn't do me much good when I cannot access it.

Jessica H: I have a link that I can provide to you so that you can submit your comments about this situation if you would like.

Jessica H: http://www.apple.com/feedback/mac/tm.html

Shelley : I'd prefer a mailing address.

Jessica H: well, I can see if we can escalate your case.

Jessica H: You would be emailed then,

Shelley : But I can't receive email?

Jessica H: At this time. No.

Jessica H: It would be sent to an alternate email address.

Shelley : Maybe I don't understand what you are saying..what would I be emailed about?

Jessica H: I can see if we can escalate this request if you wouldn't mind waiting for a moment.

Jessica H: AS seeing that you were wanting to make a formal complaint

Jessica H: I can have a specialist contact you since we do not have an phone number or mailing address for a formal complaint.

Shelley : I have a hard time believing there is no address for a formal complaint, but go ahead and have a specialist contact me. I don't really understand what the specialist will do for me that isn't already being done.

Jessica H: I thought that would at least be an alternative since we do not have a means to provide to you for a formal complaint.

Jessica H: I submitted the request. It could take a few moments to see what can be done.

Shelley : Thank you.

Jessica H: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.

Jessica H: I'll be right with you.

Jessica H: Okay

Jessica H: I have the corporate address link so that you can make a formal complaint

Jessica H: http://www.apple.com/contact/

Shelley : OK thank you.

Jessica H: You are welcome

Jessica H: Sorry that took a bit

Jessica H: I had to locate it for you.

Shelley : ok

Jessica H: That would be the link that you would use to make a formal complaint.

Jessica H: I am sorry for all of this.

Jessica H: I just wish that there was something more that we could do for you at this time.

Jessica H: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Shelley : Me too.

Shelley : No

Jessica H: Okay. Despite the circumstances, I hope that you have a great day!

Jessica H: Please click the blue "Close" button at top left to answer a few questions about the assistance I provided during this chat, you will also have the option to request a copy of the transcript be emailed to you.

Shelley : ok

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kristin noel said...

At least the girl was pleasant...But I think this transition should be a learning opportunity for Apple and every other corporation. WE STILL LIKE SNAIL MAIL! I have had this happen where I'm sent to link, after link with no resolution. Rather than being "tech" friendly, it's a replacement for the long automated phone systems. Has anyone in corporate America ever thought what would happen (on both ends) if the internet went down globally?