Sunday, June 01, 2008

Realtor selection over!

I met for the second time with both Realtors on Friday. I was super impressed with the woman, not so much with the man. He came in at a higher price than she did (which sounds nice but not if its not realistic and he was way higher than I was expecting) but he said a few things I wasn't crazy about. For instance "I always have my cell on me, so if I don't answer its because I can't or because I don't want to". Don't want to? Is he kidding? He followed that up with saying his phone is on all the time, except for 11pm to 6am. Okay....I turn my work phone off at that time too...but the OTHER realtor said leads go to her cell phone 24/7 and she returns calls 24/7. Like if someone clicks on the online listing and says "I want more information" that lead goes straight to her cell and she returns the call immediately no matter WHAT time it was. And another...he said he doesn't believe in open houses. WTF? I live across the street from the model homes.....we could get GREAT walk in traffic from an open house. Why the hell would you NOT do one? I will be a pain in the ass for ME when we do them because I'll have to get the dog AND the cats out of the house..but still! Oh..and the woman and I discussed the animals and what happens if I can't get home to get them out of the house for a showing. If that happens....we'll let the cats be because they are terrified of everyone anyway and always hide when company is here. But if I can't get home..the realtor will come and take Miss Elphaba out of the house! How sweet is that! realtor selection over. She's coming back in the morning for me to sign the listing agreement and get the sign and lock box installed. We should have my listing online shortly thereafter and I'll be in next Saturday's paper under "hot new listings".

Yay! Progress!

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