Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No progress yet....

Both my appraisels have now been done. The first dude spent like 5 minutes here looking around. The second spent almost an hour, took tons of notes, measurements and pictures. Hopefully they get their reports back quickly so I can find out my buyout offer right away on July 3, which is the earliest date they will tell me the buyout offer. I still have to market it another 30 days after that..but then I can accept around the 1st of August if need be.

Two showings so far last week. Both were quick and neither of the realtors will return my realtors call looking for feedback, so thats kind of a bummer. No takers for the open house on Sunday either. Today my agent is bringing in all the agents from her office. We'll see if that spurs anything.

So far I have about 30 houses lined up to see in Illinois later this month. Fortunately 20 of them are in the one neighborhood I really like so the odds are good I'll be able to find something there.


kristin noel said...

When are you going to Illinois? Thanks for the birthday greetings. I love the new needles. Went to the shop yesterday morning. It was busy and Pam helped me untangle a massive mess that was complicated even more by my stupidity. She's a doll!

Sorry to hear no real takers on your place. It will come, don't worry. :-)

Shelley said...

I'm driving back on the 27th..well supposed to...my back is all messed up so I may end up starting the drive on the 26th and splitting it up. Driving back on the 7th. Househunting lined up the 28 and 29, spilling into the next week if need be and then my best friend and her boyfriend are flying in from the 2nd to the 6th. I haven't seen her in over a year and never met him.