Sunday, September 30, 2007

Elphaba - 1 week update

Well, little Elphaba has been home a week now and I'd say things are going pretty well overall.

Zella seems to be warming up to her...she still runs off most of the time, but she is letting Elphie get closer...and of course Zella and Joey love Elphie's food so they are REALLY close by when she's eating!

Housetraining is going .... probably good for this age....during the day I've been gone up to 6 hours and come home to no mess in the crate. Problem seems to be at night...and its not wet, but dirty... :) I thought we'd gotten passed that Friday night when it was wet but not dirty...but then last night..nice little present again when I got up in the middle of the night. As far as in the house outside the crate...I've figured out her signal for when she needs to go thats not a problem anymore. I just have to watch REALLY closely. She does like to go to the kitchen and again..have to watch REALLY closely.

Big problem at this point is she's too small for a harness. I bought the smallest one you can get at Petsmart..and the matching collar got small enough...but the harness at 8 inches around is still WAY too big. And she's starting to get braver outside and run away from me I bought a little pen I've got set up out back. She's not crazy about it...but it makes me feel better that she's not running loose. Hopefully she'll put on some pounds soon and the harness will fit. I did special order a couple to from online..but I'm worried they might be too big too.

She's taken okay to the first she was attacking it because I put the tag on it too...but I took the tag back off for now for her to get used to it and she doesn't seem to know its hopefully in another day or so when I put the tag on she doesn't realize it.

Tomorrow we're off to the vet for her first checkup with ME...that should be fun.

Oh..and have you heard of Catster and Dogster? I was looking for other teacup owners for advice on the harness thing and came across Dogster and Catster...too funny.....All my furbabies are now signed up and making lots of friends!


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