Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sweeter yet....

1) I'm typing on my new MacBook as I speak!!!! I already got most of the software I needed installed and my music moved over. Working on pictures and documents now.

2) My iphone which was out for repair (don't want to tell THAT story on my blog..if you really want to know and actually KNOW me email me...I'll send ya the story) is finally showing repaired and to be delivered to me TOMORROW! And I never got a call with a repair estimate so I assume that means they fixed it under warranty. YIPPEEEE!!!!!!

I will say though...kudos to apple on the AppleCare Service phones. My iPhone was out of commission 2 days before I got to the apple store to meet with a genius. And I was going crazy without it! Its insane how hooked I am after just 3 weeks with it! Anyway...for $29 you can "rent" a service phone to use while yours is out for repair. I know there is a ton of griping about the battery life and having to rent a phone while the battery gets replaced if you choose to do that.....but after 2 days without my iphone...I had NOOOO problem paying the $29 to rent one while mine was in for repair. OUTSTANDING!!!!


Julienne said...

That's the one thing i was curious about - how long does the battery life last? ARe there extended batteries you can buy?

Shelley said...

The battery gets me through the day....usually with a few hours of talking and LOTS of emailing, safari use, and some music listening. There has only been one day that I almost ran out of battery and that was when someone was playing with it non stop the entire way through a 3 hour dinner. That said, if I don't plug it in at night it won't get through much of the second day based on how I use it.

You cannot buy extended batteries. Its not a replaceable battery - thats what apples getting bad reviews on right now. The battery is mean to have 400 charge cycles (that means from all the way dead to all the way charged). After that its only supposed to charge to 80% max. The way I use my phone it would be a couple of years before that would happen. And 80% is still pretty good. But if someone wants a new battery, you send it to apple and the replace it for a $80 plus shipping I think. and if you cant live without your iphone for the few days it would can rent one for $29. Thats what I did while mine was out for repair.