Saturday, May 05, 2007

Holy Mother of God...

I spent a LOT of money today in Chicago!!!

Started off at Nordstrom where I bought a dress that might be good for the weddings I have to go to this summer.

Headed on to the coach store where I picked up the Ireland wedges I've been the bronze (because they didn't have the black I wanted in my size). I also picked up
Signature Multicolor Stripe Messenger I've been longing for. Along with t he matching Mini Skinny. And some signature cleaner.

Then stopped off at Macy's on the way to Hermes...because I was FREEZING and decided I needed a sweater or jacket or something....where I ended up with a Lauren Ralph Lauren denim jacket.

Then finally on to Hermes for Michelle to shop....but I ended up making my first Hermes purchase....A Kelly bracelet in Raisin Box.

Then mom wanted to hit the OTHER coach store...and they had the Ireland wedges I wanted in the BLACK! So I bought those too....

Thank god it was dinner time and then too late to keep shopping!

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Julienne said...

You're a crazy Coach buying woman! Actually I bought a sling back from the Petaluma outlet that I'm not all that fond of.. I wanted the pink or purple one with the Cs and should've bought one when they had them in stock. Last time I went they had the purple leather/white which is what I bought (and will most likely be returning).