Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wow...I'm spending a lot of money on yarn this week.....

Over the weekend I ran by Colonial Yarn the new yarn shop close by now that the one right down the street closed. That's where I'd previously bought the Colinette Jitterbug for the socks I just finished. I was so in love after sock 1 that I picked up two more skeins of this while there.

While I was at Colonial I asked if she could wind my new yarn...but she doesn't have a winder currently...and after the hassle of winding by hands the last two hanks I bought and used for socks....I decided perhaps I needed a swift and winder of my own..... So off to where everything was on SALE! Yeah!!!

Then, a new Lime and Violet podcast came out..and after listening and watching on their message boards I decided to make my FIRST purchase at The Loopy Ewe which I've been oogling ever since I first heard about Lime and Violet.

So....I'm super excited about my new yarn, my new equipment, and the sock blocers I ordered this week.....but I think I'm down nearly $175 on knitting related products in less than a week!

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