Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm so tired!

So I'm staying at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia for a meeting right now. You'd think it would be amazing..and my room is pretty awesome. The bed is great. The bath products are the same line from Bulgari that we had at Mandalay Bay when I went with Ann and Amanda. BUT...There's a problem. I don't know if there's a crazy high crime rate in philly or what...but the police sirens ALL NIGHT LONG kept my whole meeting from getting any sleep last night! And we're here tonight again too. I'm in desperate need of some ear plugs!!!!

On a happier note...the Coach Legacy line, celebrating the 65th anniversary is officially in stores. I couldn't get everything I wanted, because Mom is buying some things for christmas/birthday. But I did pick up a couple of beautiful things outside her price range.


Beverly said...

Pretty, pretty pink purse!

el walto said...

Philadelphia has one of the highest crime/murder rates in the country last I heard. But no one beats Oakland of course :)