Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weekend in LA....Part 2 the wedding...I won't bore you with the details (they aren't that exciting anyway). I will say...Mandy looked BEAUTIFUL! Michelle and I were SO happy she went with the dress we'd picked out for was definitely perfect for her. And I got to meet Mandy's mom finally...hard to believe after 10 years that was the first time...but that's what happens with us crazy girls from all over the country!

We got off the yacht at 11pm and headed back to the hotel to crash. We slept in a little Sunday morning...and then we were Hollywood this time.

We somehow found free street parking like 1 block off Hollywood Blvd..and at the end of the street so I didn't have to risk getting boxed in! We wandered the Walk of Fame until we came upon Graumans Chinese Theater. While we were browsing the tour opportunties a woman from the tour company came up to us...pointed out 3 tours..and said forget about the while we were deciding she grabbed my arm..dragged me up to the ticket booth...and gave us a discounted price. 10 minutes later we took off for our Celebrity Homes Tour.

I was skeptical at first..thinking they'd take us to a bunch of HAS beens...or point out where people USED to live. But it was actually a great tour. I was surprised ... a lot of the houses aren't nearly as large as you would think they would be. At least...what we could see. Most of the big time celebs have their properties so you can barely get a peak of the houses. We were stunned by the amount of paparazzi outside the Cruise/Holmes mansion waiting to get pics of baby Suri. There were probably 20 cars. We saw a few paparazzi at a few other places...but that seemed to be the big one. Two hours later we finished our tour. Got a picture of the Hollywood sign..and were back in the car.

We decided to head over to the Grove to grab a bite and kill some time before heading to LAX. Our options were limited with Michelle with we opted for Cheesecake Factory..since we know she'll eat there. While we were waiting downstairs for a table..I heard some rumblings about folks from American Idol....while I probably wouldn't have known that's who they were if someone hadn't said something...I did recognize them when pointed out (probably from all the entertainment magazines I read!). was Buckey and Elliot. And people were going crazy. We got seated and then saw that we were like 15 feet away from them....and got to watch everyone (wait staff, managers, and fans) going CRAZY over them. After a while Chris from American Idol joined them. Then people REALLY started going crazy! We hurridly finished our dinner (we weren't that impressed and it was starting to get annoying) so we could take off.

Now this my FAVORITE part of the weekend.....

We walk over to Bath and Body Works...and I realize right way its the time of year when they bring back old canceled scents. I'm a HUGE fan of flowering herb. In fact...that shower gel is all I used for like 5 years. And when I heard it was being cancelled I TOTALLY stocked up on it...I swear I still had some 3 years after they stopped selling. Now in past years they've brought back the LOTION during the sale...but never the shower gel...UNTIL now! So I grabbed like 6 bottles of shower gel. As I was walking up to the counter I hear someone say to me:

"You know, you should just buy some stock in the store!"

I immediately recognize the voice...and cannot believe it. I look up and there's Jared Padalecki looking down at me....I mean WAY down...he's HUGE! I calmly respond:

"No you don't understand...I LOVE this stuff! And its been gone for years".

He just chuckles at me. Then as I'm putting all the bottles down on the counter to pay he says to the girl behind the counter:

"Because she's buying so much of that you're going to through in one of the big pails for free right?"

We all laugh. The teasing continues for a few more minutes..and he wanders away following his mom who he was out shopping with. Missie comes over to check out and I point in out...and she also freaks. Then while she's checking out the girl behind the counter tells us that the sale goes until like July 9 so we can come back and they'll have more in. Suddenly I hear from you know who:

"Wow...If you use up all that shower gel by July 9 I'm gonna be SO impressed!"

More laughing ensues. Then Jareds mom puts some stuff down on the counter...and while she's checking out a few more things....Jared opens up a zippered case and asks his mom what was inside it. She responds that its a manicure set. Jared says:

" don't want to just use my stuff?"

How cute right? Missie and I chuckle and I throw out there:

"No...she wants her OWN manicure set silly!".

Then we say our goodbyes...and walk out of the store KICKING ourselves for not asking for autographs or pictures...but we were having so much fun with him...we didn't want to risk spoiling it.

Now later on that evening we did spot him again walking around the shopping we did snap a picture from further away...our thought was...even if folks didn't believe we TALKED to him...they won't be able to deny we SAW him. I don't have a copy yet from Missie because she was only in Peoria a couple of hours before heading off to Miami...but I will post it when I get it!

After that .... it was back to LAX for the girls...and the hotel for me so I could rest up for my early flight.

And that was my weekend in LA!


Beverly said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Dean from the Gilmore Girls TOTALLY LOVES YOU! Oh my god, let me know next time you are heading to LA and I'll come meet you, you def have the magic celeb touch! Oh and email me the details of the wedding!

Shelley said...

And OMG was hit HOT HOT HOT! I cannot begin to do him justice....

rene said...

That was so cool I had to post your link in my new forum, I hope you dont mind :-)

My new forum is a part of my site that I listed before. Feel free to visit.

Anonymous said...


I came here (via a link from another journal) for the story about Jared, (lucky you!) but I wondered if you remembered the name of of the tour company for the celebrity home tour. I'm going to LA for the first time later this month, and it sounds like you got a good deal. Thanks in advance!

Suzi said...

Oh wow! That is so cute :)
See this is the reason why i wish i could live in the US not Australia lol
Sounds like he is so funny and nice :)
Suzi xox

Shelley said...

sandy-you probably already where in LA by now...was just noticing the old comments... Don't remember the name..but they have their booth right at the entrance to the chinese theater...we were actually just looking at all the hand/footprints when one of their sales folks grabbed us..their booth was right there.