Sunday, July 23, 2006


So...from the minute I brought home my sweet kitties everyone remarked that Joey looked like Hitler due to his unfortunate little black nose and mustasche. I was just thankful that it was Joey with the mustasche and not my sweet Zella. I'd never seen what is now being refered to as "kitlers" before...but assumed that with black and white cats it must be fairly common. Then yesterday I'm reading my Entertainment Weekly and it mentions the below web site.

And there are LOTS of cats like my I posted his pic...he's showing under "latest kitlers" and is ranked 40 out of 219 for Best Kitler.

Disclaimer: I don't mean any offense by this....Hitler was a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE person...just thought it was funny there's a whole web page devoted to this since I have one!


Julienne said...

Haha! Hilarious site..

Beverly said...

I walk past a billboard of a little baby on my way to work every day and someone gave the kid a Hitler mustache, which brightened every morning for me (until the graffiti nazis cleaned it up, boo!)...