Saturday, April 22, 2006

YEAH for a SALE!

So...a few weeks back I got an email from about a new piece to the Walt Disney Classics Collection.....

Since Sebastian is my favorite..and my favorite song from the little mermaid is Les Poisons, I had to order this piece right away. When it arrived, it came like NEXT day...and I looked at the return address and noticed it came from someplace right across the river. Because it had been a while since I added to my WDCC I started looking around online...and low and behold I found that the membership piece for 2006 was Ariel!

Now the only way to join the club is in person, so I looked for my authorized dealer..and wouldn't you know the only one is the same place where Chef Louis shipped from. I knew I'd have to head over, but as of yet I'd not figured out exactly where this place was. Then this week while out with coworkers I spotted it. So yesterday I was in the area and decided to go sign up for my membership and get my Ariel. Turned out the store also had another members only piece for this year, Scuttle in stock so I picked him up as well.

While they were writing up my paperwork and getting my figurines I decided to look around. Low and behold I made my way back to where they actually have all the WDCC stuff (the store was MASSIVE and full of great collectibles) I see a sign that says all WDCC are 33% off!!!! And in the case is:

Now normally its $300 for the bride and groom and another $50 for the base. But since it was on sale (at an UNHEARD of price) I got Ariel, Scuttle, Ariel & Eric, and the base for what I would have paid for JUST Ariel and Eric!!!!! And although I totally was NOT intending to spend anything other than the $50 for the membership to get my Ariel before she sold could I not pass up 33% off....particularly when 2 of the 3 pieces I need to finish my Little Mermaid WDCC collection only sell on secondary market and each go for $600 if you can locate them.

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