Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good News Bad News

Good news
I got an A in my second class! Yeah!!!!

Bad news
Elphaba and Joey both have ear mites. Yucky!

Thats the kind of thing that makes sense for good news bad news right?? How about this.

Dad calls Saturday night..mind you..Dad NEVER calls. I'd heard from mom that Dad's father, my "Pa", was really sick. In fact, mom said my bro and dad had gone down there last week because in my brothers words "he's gonna go at any minute". Now, a normal person would think perhaps DAD would have called to tell me about this at some point in time....but no. So Saturday he calls and first chit chats about when we're going to see a Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theater. Then he tells me he has some bad news.

Me: About Pa you mean?
Dad: Yeah, how did you hear?
Me: Well I know Mark says he's sick and you guys just went down there.
Dad: So you talked to Mark?
Me: No. Mom told me.
Dad: Oh. Well, yeah, he's sick. Its really not good.

(then he goes into the explanation - he has colon, lung, and kidney cancer...and its basically everywhere now. fortunately he has no symptoms at all. we're not going to try any treatment cuz there's too much of it and it will seriously decrease his quality of life, 3-6 months to live, etc)

Now mind you, I really don't know my "pa" at all. My mom tells me when we were infants he was a doting grandfather. But I've maybe seen him 3 times in the past 20 years. So I feel kinda bad, but am feeling worse that I'm not more upset about it.

Dad moves onto other topics and starts asking me about when I get moved next. How do I think I'm gonna do selling my house, what does the market look like in Peoria, etc. Then Dad says "well the good news is you'll be coming into a lot of money when pa goes. there are some restrictions on what you are able to spend it on up to a certain age, but property is allowed so that should be a big help when you buy your next place".

Am I the only one that finds that inappropriate? Bad news, grandpa's gone in about 3-6 months, good news, you are going to inherit a bundle of money?

On the other hand, I now understand the callers who contact Suze Orman feeling guilty about money they inherited. I feel strange that this man I barely know is about to die and I'm going to profit from it. On the other hand, I could use the money, I would love to be able have way more equity in my house. Its just strange. I feel like he shouldn't have told me about the inheritance you know? Does that seem weird?

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