Friday, June 15, 2007

Blister Block!

This stuff is the BEST!

I know all the ladies like me who love their shoes will instantly enjoy this product..... Ya know how when you put on a new pair of shoes...sometimes there is a little spot that rubs funny on your foot. Or some shoes you can wear for a few hours but longer than that they start to rub and you end up with a blister. Well....blister no more!

I ordered some Band-Aid Brand Blister Block from recently and have finally gotten around to using it this week. I noticed the first time I wore my black patent coach wedges that there were a couple of spots that were a little scratchy (knowing my coach shoes I know it will go away and its a break in thing) so when I broke out the bronze ones to wear this week I grabbed my blister block and rubbed a little on in what I thought might be the problem areas. It looks like a mini deodorant stick, goes on clear, and doesn't really feel like anything other than its smooth. I put it on when I put my shoes on at 6:30am and was great all day!!! I did finally reapply around 5pm before a cocktail hour for a meeting I was at that I knew I'd be on my feet. But I'd heard that depending on what you were doing you might need to reapply every 1-2 I was thrilled when it lasted all day! Today I have on a pair of wedge sandles I got last summer and noticed this morning that one of the straps was rubbing up against my big toes a little funny.....but I had the blister block in the bag and on it went...and now I don't even notice it!

So ladies...have no fear! Break out those strappy sandles and dance the night away!

Blister Block Stick

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