Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm a terrible blogger!!!

Things have just been CRAZY for me lately!!!!

Lets is insane....and lots of travel lately.

Last weekend I went white water rafting with some cool girls I met in from the MeetIn group. We had a blast...but MAN was I sore on Sunday! And I banged up one of my knees pretty good that's still smarting a bit.

This week I had a meeting in Chicago so I flew in and decided to stay the weekend. Friday Stepmom and sisters and I went to 1154 Lill on Armitage to make purses. I made a Jeanne ..will post picks after it arrives. Stac made a Molly - which is like the bag I already have, Steffo made a Lucy...which is like a Molly but smaller. CK made a Andi ... which is huge and beautiful! Now I just have to wait for it to be made and find its way to PA. I also picked up a small silver wristlet for the wedding next weekend. Oh yeah...speaking of the wedding...apparently I've been gaining weight in my BOOBS! So my BEAUTIFUL dress I'd previously posted no longer will zip up over them.... Particularly devistating because I'd bought all the cute matching accessories and been working on a sweater to go with it. And it looks AMAZING on me right up until it hits my boobs. Very upset. I found an alternative outfit (and therefore the need for the silver wristlet) but still not the same!

Back on topic...after we left the city we stopped to fathers day shop and headed home for dinner. Dad and CK were doing a good job of providing me with meals consisting of beef...because the beef in Pa is TERRIBLE. I was talking to a co-worker who said the reason its so bad out in PA is because the cattle isn't raised for food. Our beef is the old dairy cows - which they slaughter after they stop producing milk. SO...unless I'm at a chain where they are probably bringing in the beef from more beef for me in Harrisburg. Let see...then we watched Wedding Crashers and I headed to mom's house.

Saturday mom and I did some shopping and then headed to her Aunt Alice and cousin Nancy's house. I hadn't seen Alice in 2 years ... but I love (and hate) going because she looks JUST like my Grandma. It makes me both happy and sad. And the older Alice gets the MORE she looks like Grandma. I really like spending time there...because they are a big part of why I ended up going to Bradley. My mom's cousing Nancy had a engineering degree from Bradley and thats how I found out about it. The entire time I was away at school I'd get notes from Aunt Alice and her late husband Uncle Ray. Then Uncle Ray passed a month after my graduation. Aunt Donna was in town too so we all went over to Alice and Nancy's. Stac joined us to and Alice and Nancy feed us and we stayed around and talked about family until midnight.

This morning I was up early to pack up and head back to Dad and CKs for fathers day. We're headed to church soon and then off to Oak Brook for the annual fathers day car show. What could be better than antique cars AND high end shopping all day!!!! Just need to make sure they get me to the airport in time tonight!


Beverly said...

BUMMER on the dress!!!!!! I just bought Spanx on your recommendation to wear under the evil pink chiffon bridesmaid dress. You said it totally changes the style, cut, and color of the dress, right?!?!?!?!

Shelley said...

Totally....but isn't that the wedding August... Spanx are great...but they might be too hot???